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Terms & Conditions

  • Music must be turned off by 1000PM on Fridays and Saturdays, 930PM any other day of the week. Events must end by 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, or 10:00 pm any other day of the week.

  • All invited guests must be cleared from the property at the event's end time.

  • Hourly rentals of the venue must be cleaned up and have all personal items off of the property by the end of your rental period.

  • Daily rentals must be cleaned up and have all personal items off of the property by 10AM the day following your event date.

  • Weekend rentals must be cleaned up and have all personal items off of the property by 1PM on Sunday.

  • Guests should refer to the Hartlot Happening Map to understand the buildings on the property.

  • The Beanery building is completely off-limits to guests as are the Unite Two Design and She Rents Vintage buildings. Guests are not permitted any access to these buildings. Any guests who break these rules are subject to a fine of $500. Off-limits buildings are designated as such on the Hartlot Happening Map.

  • Fireworks are not permitted on the premises at any time. 

  • Firearms are not permitted on the premises at any time.

  • Biodegradable & Organic confetti (bird seed, wildflower seeds, or dried flowers) is permitted outside. No plastic confetti anywhere on the property. 

  • Candles that are not inside of a container are not allowed in the venue, this means candlesticks with tapers are not allowed.

  • The Firepit is the only designated location for outdoor fires.

  • Smoking is allowed in designated marked areas only.

  • Well-behaved dogs (on leashes) may be part of your ceremony with approval from Hartlot Happening.

  • No driving or parking on the grass except for designated parking lots and driving areas.

  • All vehicles must be removed from Hartlot Happening by 10AM the day after an event.

  • The consumption of alcohol by minors or visibly intoxicated persons is strictly prohibited. 

  • For all events, a representative of Hartlot Happening will be present and available for your needs and questions. 

  • Hartlot Happening will set tables and chairs in your desired floorplan but does not provide set up or styling of other items or rentals. Our partner, She Rents Vintage offers styling and setup services.

  • All clean-up will be completed before your designated check-out time otherwise an additional fee of $150/hr applies. 

  • Illegal drug possession or use will not be tolerated on the premises and offending parties will be reported to law enforcement. 

  • These Rules & Regulations are in addition to and are meant to complement, the terms and conditions of each Guest’s License Agreement.  All Guests should carefully read and understand the terms of the License Agreement and these Rules & Regulations.  Any conflict between the terms of these Rules & Regulations and the License Agreement will be interpreted in favor of the terms in the License Agreement.

  • These Rules & Regulations are subject to change. Please review these Rules & Regulations before your Event Date to ensure compliance.

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